: S O N G S 

S O N G S—

friendships are like songs. 

all songs have the ups, the downs, the beats, the thought provoking sections and some songs have the sections that make you cry. 

our friendship was like the sad songs, constant dragging and constant sadness, all enjoyment had been removed and replaced with sad acoustics and shaking bodies.

like all songs our friendship ended, like all songs our friendship went silent, songs last minutes, sometimes hours, our song lasted years, the difference between our song and others? when our song started it was sad, then it was happy and enjoyful and the best song id ever heard, but as the song dragged on the song got sad, unlike other songs our song ended without us wanting more. 

songs end on a beat, a pulse, making you want more – our song, our beautifully fucked up song ended because of a night than we don’t want to talk about, that we both want forgotten, our song ended because of a night. 

: 2 0 1 5

2015 was never going to be a good year, from the start of January to the end of April, things were breaking, my world was shaking.

At the start of this year a promise was made, a broken promise, a promise to me from a friend that no matter what they’d be there until the end.

The end hasn’t happened yet, and we haven’t spoken in weeks, I’ lost my friend, my best friend, and as the weeks have followed the end seems closer.

2015 was never going to be a good year, and by the looks it might be the last year.

: A D D I C T I O N

I could compare you to drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. You were the reason for many of my highs, and all of my lows. 

You were not a friend, nor a lover, you were an addiction. 

I treated you like a junkie treats their addiction

Morning after morning, night after night, you were the thing on my mind.

Without you, I broke, I sweated, I relapsed to depression. 

You were my heroine, my addiction, my killer. 

Then I stopped having you daily, I lost you completely, cold turkey. 

Junkies sweat, I cried. 

Junkies get angry, so did I.

I had my bad days, I had my good, but through all of them, I still wanted only you.

1 months past, and I’m feeling better, you’re no longer filling my veins, nor is your name. 
I don’t expect the bad days to stop, you were my best friend, my best addiction, but now you’re gone, and the bad days are less, and the good days are more

You were my killer, my addiction.

: N O T H I N G

Nothing lasts forever, and maybe that’s a good thing. Having something for long periods of time gets boring, you start to dislike it, you lose the feelings you had when it was brand new. 

I’m starting to believe friendships are like that, without having a break from something, you’ll start to dislike it, or it’ll start to annoy you.

Friendships need to be treasured and secured in the best ways possible, not sucked dry of all the possible fun. 

Having a break from your best friend, a week, two weeks even a month isn’t a bad thing, it can be extremely good having a break from something if it can secure your friendship. Take a break once in a while, it’s like gaming, too much of something can be bad for you. 

: B R O K E N – P R O M I S E

Promises are made and meant to be kept,

The smashing of your thumbs together,

The hugging of your pinkies.

But for some reason, these things are always forgotten,

and the promises you made are always broken.

: H O M E L E S S

This is a house, not a home.

I’ve not had a home for a few weeks now, and I’m starting to forget what home smells like.

This house is big and empty, without much love.

My home, my home had pretty eyes and long hair, perfect noises and unforgettable memories.

I lost my home a few weeks ago, I miss my home.

: U N K N O W N

It’s the times like this when I’m sitting alone, where I start to realize  what I’ve become.

I’m no longer a young happy chap but a sad little slop, sometimes I’m okay and sometimes I’m not, but the times like this when I’m truly alone, my brain goes dark and I become nothing but unknown.

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S O N G S 
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B R O K E N – P R O M I S E